Greeting from HERO

We are specialized in building robots operating in a hazardous
environment. From the underwater robots to the aerial robots, we build variety types of robots to achieve the mission goal.

Engaged in Interdisciplinary Engineering 
Mechanical Design: CAD structural design, manufacturing parts, and assembling robots.
Special Sensing: Artificial intelligence and recognition techniques using High-resolution ultrasonic sonars and optical camera.
Artificial Intelligence: Autonomous vehicle control technology

The Frontier of the “NEW” Ideas 
We don’t just build ordinary robots. We build special one.
Our members come from diverse backgrounds, including mechanical, aerospace, computer science, material science major
to name a few, all of whom share a common interest …. the subject of robotics.

Dream pursuers,
Human relationships follow the same rule as atoms follow during chemical bonding. Our dream is to make good chemistry and make your resume shine.


Contact Info 

Address C5, 77, Cheongam-Ro, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea, 37673
Office Prof. Yu: C5 318
Hero Lab: C5 332
Phone +82-54-279-9504
Fax +82-54-279-3839
E-mail sncyu at
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